Welcome to OZEROGLU      

    Ozeroglu Tarım  Co. Ltd. was formed in Mersin, Turkey  by Agricultural Engineer: Mr Ali OZER.    

    Ozeroglu Tarım Co. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Mersin, Turkey which engaged in devoting its energy to agriculture and agricultural products. With more than 20 years experience, we provide our best knowledge and service in agricultural products to our customers and farmers with their needs.     

    At present, our growth has made us into the Turkish market a well known company in Mersin with the sales distributor of: Adama , Asya Cropscience Agrinova, Aven Kimya , Bayer Cropscience,  Dow Agroscience , Du pont, Hektaş,  Koruma Klor, Monsanto, Nufarm , Polimet Chemical,Roksan,  Syngenta As a distributor we sale and commercialize a full range of agricultural products such as: insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, herbicides, nematocides and fertilizers.  

    Ozeroglu Tarım Co. Ltd. has a large capacity to be an agent of agricultural products. With this mind, we will keep growing along with the well known companies in Turkey and also the foreign companies in the world. We are ready to serve and co-operate with agricultural companies who want to make business with us in Turkey.

    We would like to like to thank you for your trust and ask you to stay with us for many years to come.
       We have 12 Agricultural Engineer and 35 Staff

 Our Team



 General Manager And Owner Of Company
Agricultural Engineer

E-mail  : aliozer@ozeroglu.com.tr

Uğur Fırat

Finance and Controller

Phone : (+9)0532 672 0003
E-mail    : ugurfirat@ozeroglu.com.tr 

Burak Özel

 Products Manager
Agricultural Engineer

Phone : (+9) 0533 748 95 26
E-mail    :   burakozel@ozeroglu.com


 Technical Manager
Agricultural Engineer

Phone : (+9) 0533 284 44 06
E-mail    : enissutcu@ozeroglu.com.tr 


 İmport And Export Manager
Agricultural Engineer

Phone : (+9) 0532 688 78 05
E-mail    : kamilbaykus@ozeroglu.com.tr 

İsa Abdullah Erişkin

Sales Manager
Agricultural Engineer

Phone : (+9) 0533 230 92 33
E-mail  : isaeriskin@ozeroglu.com








 Accounting And Logistic


Yasemin Atilla                                                           Leyla Özdemir                                                Mehmet BİRCAN                                             Atilla GÜKGÜK

Accounting Manager                                            Secretary                                                          Logistic                                                              Logistic

Phone: 0532 675 58 68                                       Phone:0533 695 62 08                                 Phone: 0533 695 62 09                                  Phone: 0533 764 78 75
E-mail : yaseminatilla@ozeroglu.com             E-mail : leylakocak@ozeroglu.com          E-mail :mehmetbircan@ozeroglu.com.tr   E-mail :atillagukguk@ozeroglu.com.tr